EasyWMA audio converter for Mac


What is EasyWMA?

EasyWMA is designed to easily and elegantly convert a variety of audio file formats.

EasyWMA can convert wma, wmv/flv audio, real media, asf, flac and ogg vorbis, shn files so that you can play your favorite songs in iTunes or any other player on your Mac. EasyWMA can be helpful if you need to play wma files on your iPod, or if you need to convert files created by your Olympus voice recorder.

EasyWMA has a very simple user interface, full drag and drop support, and can even do batch processing to convert your whole library of wma songs in one click. It's also super easy to install: just a simple application to drag and drop on your harddisk.

How to get EasyWMA?

The full version of EasyWMA costs only $12.99. You will receive an email with your registration information and a link to download the software after the payment.

Please notice that it is not necessary to send an email to the author to receive the registration information after the payment. An email with a link to download the full version of the software will be automatically sent as soon as the payment has been processed. (This might take a few minutes).

If you are a registered user, but did not receive the email with the registration information, please verify that the email has not been marked as spam/junk by mistake and try to go to the Download Page.

Main Features

- Input formats: asf, flv, flac, ogg vorbis, real media, wav, wma, wmv, shn

- Output formats: aiff, m4a, mp3, wav

- Extract audio from asf, flv and wmv files

- Manual or automatic bit rate selection from source (32-320kbps)

- Batch processing

- Drag & drop of files and folders

- ID3 tags support

  1. -iTunes integration

System Requirements

Mac OS X v10.4 or later with Intel Processor

Buy $12.99http://www.easywma.com/buy.html

This software uses code from the FFmpeg project. Credits go to the FFmpeg authors. MP3 encoding is provided using LAME. The use of LAME is hereby acknowledged. FFmpeg is distributed under the GPL license. The source code used to compile FFmpeg is available here.